FERPA and Sharing Course Recordings

Making a recording of your class, including those created using UD Capture classroom capture, UD Capture personal capture, a Zoom recording, or course recordings you created some other way, has FERPA implications. Recordings containing the image, voice, or work of students are FERPA protected records.  Please review the FERPA Responsibilities for UD Faculty/Staff. You as the faculty member are responsible for understanding and following FERPA guidelines for your course and students.

Use the guidelines below when sharing class recordings to ensure that you are compliant with FERPA.

  • You can safely share videos with the students in the same section of the course for that semester.
  • Best practice includes telling students in advance you intend to record the class, what is being recorded, why you’re recording, what the recordings will be used for, who will have access to the recordings, and for how long. Only record what you absolutely must as managing a large collection of videos can be challenging.
  • If using Zoom, configure your recording settings in advance to not record participant names in new recordings. By default, UD Capture Classroom Capture does not display names in recordings but student images may be seen and heard if a student joins a UD Capture +Zoom session and speaks.
  • If you combine multiple sections into a single Canvas course, recordings should be shared with only students in that recorded section. Read more about using Discussions to share to one section in a multi-section Canvas course.
  • Videos that are shared beyond your current students must comply with FERPA, meaning that the recording cannot contain any personally identifiable information that may be associated with another student (examples include a student’s image, voice, or identifiable work). It if your obligation to comply with FERPA and privacy regulations and follow the university’s procedures regarding the disclosure of education records to third parties. Under these procedures, written permission of each student is required to document consent in almost all instances.

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