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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Calendar Integration

Zoom can integrate into both Google and Outlook calendars with a simple add-on program.

How do I keep my meeting secure (and avoid "Zoombombing")?

Like photobombing and videobombing, Zoombombing is an unwanted participant in your Zoom meeting.

There are a number of recommendations that meeting hosts should follow to prevent this.  Full details are available on Zoom Security and Privacy.

How can I fix audio/video (connection) problems?


Intermittent audio/video problems, such as choppy audio, freezing video, etc., usually occur due to limitations with the internet connection for one or more participants. Typically, one person may have trouble seeing or hearing others in the meeting, but the rest of the participants do not have this problem. In this case, we recommend the affected individual try to optimize their internet connection as much as possible.

Try any of these options to see what works for a specific situation:

  • Reduce other uses of your home network (e.g., Netflix) while in a Zoom meeting.
  • Turn off other devices such as cell phones or iPads that may be using your wifi bandwidth.
  • Turn off your video to give priority to audio on a limited connection.
  • Sit closer to your wifi router.
  • Change to a wired connection (use the ethernet port on your wifi router; this may require additional purchases for an ethernet cable and/or an ethernet port for your computer.
  • Join the meeting by phone.

Learn more about how you can reduce data and bandwidth use.

Here are additional tips from Zoom.

What system requirements does Zoom need?

Zoom is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, and Android devices. View the Zoom System Requirements page for details.

Do I need to convert my Zoom account to a HIPPA-compliant account?

Due to recent updates by Zoom, all UD Zoom Pro licenses are now HIPAA compliant. If you are a UD Zoom HIPAA user, learn more about this change and actions you should take at https://ats.udel.edu/conferencing/zoom/join-new-hipaa-group/.

How many meetings can I run on my account?

The number of meetings and the length of meetings are unlimited, but only one meeting can run at a time through any given host account.

How many people can connect to my meetings?

The Pro Host account allows for up to 300 participants. Large meeting rooms and/or webinars can be purchased and added to a users account to allow for higher level of participants.

Can I connect with people outside of UD using Zoom?

Yes. You can invite anyone, inside or outside UD, to join your meetings. Users are not required to have a Zoom account to join a meeting; only the meeting host is required to have a Zoom account.  Please visit our security pages for information on Zoom’s security features and our recommendations when inviting individuals outside of the UD community.

How do I activate Zoom integration with UD Capture and My Media?

Scheduling Privileges and Transferring Meetings

What are the FERPA regulations for sharing videos in my courses?

How do I prevent names and timestamps in Zoom recordings for FERPA regulations?

Can I use Zoom on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, Zoom is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, and Android devices. Download the free app from your respective device store.

To sign into your UD Zoom account, click the Sign In link and choose to “Sign In using SSO”.  Type “udel” in the Domain Name box. Enter your UDEL email, password, and 2-factor code if requested.

Can I use Zoom on my Chromebook?

Yes, Zoom recently released a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for the Chrome Operating System.  PWAs are web apps that can be installed on your OS to provide an app-like experience while using the same technology as your web browser and Chrome OS. PWAs are usually faster and more functional than a regular app, and take up less storage.

The new PWA can be installed from the Google Play store (search for ‘Zoom PWA’ or ‘Zoom for Chrome PWA’ in the Play store), and will appear as an application on your Chrome OS device. Download the app, then either log in or join a meeting — and you’re up and running.

If you receive error code 3160, please go to this website https://pwa.zoom.us/wc and click the button to sign in with SSO.  Type “udel” in the Domain Name box, then enter your UDEL email, password, and 2-factor code.

For more detailed information, please see the Zoom blog.

Is there a list of recommended cameras and microphones for Zoom?

Recommended equipment for Zoom:

Why am I seeing my Zoom recording with a second video feed on the bottom corner?

This is called the Multi-Stream and can be changed for future recordings in your Zoom settings.  See this link for further instructions.